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Nabto iOS App Available

Aug 28th, 2011

The app we helped Nabto develop is now available in the App Store for both iPhone and iPad.Check it out here:

Nabto 1 Nabto 2

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Snow Leopard Tips

Sep 2nd, 2009

I discovered some neat features in Snow Leopard that I want to share with you.

First is the possibility to use Exposé within the App Switcher described here. This tip makes it possible to select an application in the App Switcher and press the up or down key and activate Exposé for windows in the application. Nice to see that they made an alternative to clicking and holding the dock icon for the application for heavy keyboard users.

Another nice feature is the ability to minimize windows to the dock icon described here. Hiding using CMD+H works well to but there are times when you want to get a single windows out of the way. I often found myself using it in Minimized windows can be accessed by right clicking the application's dock icon or by activating Exposé which now shows minimized windows a small thumbnails at the bottom of the screen.

I just love finding all these small tweaks and improvements :)

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Snow Leopard Upgrade

Aug 31st, 2009

Snow Leopard

Today I received my copy of Snow Leopard by mail and I naturally had to install the beast on my Mac right away even though I was sick. The upgrade process was very smooth. I just ran an application, agreed to the license term and clicked "Continue". Then it took about 40 minutes while my system was upgraded and after a restart it was ready to use. It ended up saving me about 8 gb of space on my hard drive.

Even though I have only used for a short time it seems like a nice upgrade with lots of small tweaks and improvements throughout the system. One new feature is that you can option-click most of the black menu items in the menu bar like battery, wireless and time machine and get additional information (e.g. battery condition, wifi channel, security type etc).

Quicktime has also been upgraded with a new UI and icon. The new UI looks great and I like the way you can share and convert your movies easily. In many ways it feels like a downgrade to me though. There are no preferences in application like before so I can't make it auto play a video. I use this when I double click a movie in iPhoto I like to have it play right away (still can't understand why movie playback is not integrated into iPhoto?). Another thing which seems to be missing is the possibility to rotate movies. I often use it when we have accidently recorded the wrong way and want to correct this. Hopefully some of these options will be restored in future upgrades. Until then I will have to check if it is possible to run the old version alongside the new version or maybe use iMovie for the rotate task.

Only a few applications I use didn't work. One was iStat Menus (an upgrade is on the way within the next few days) and another was Coversutra (a beta with SL support was already released). A few plugins I have installed also broke but I have never used them heavily so it was not a big issue.

Other than that it seems like a good release so far. We will see if any bugs turn up over the next few days :)

Update: It is indeed possible to run the old version of Quicktime alongside the new. It is included on the Snow Leopard DVD as an optional install. More information at

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Creating a Tab Bar Controller with Multiple Table Views in the iPhone SDK

Dec 13th, 2008

Recently I started working with the iPhone SDK for one of the projects I am doing. It has taken some getting used to but I am slowing getting there and my application is actually starting to do something cool like connecting to webservices and uploading pictures to a server.

One of the things I have struggled the most to grasp is the relationship between XCode and the Interface Builder. A specific problem I had was that I wanted to have a Tab Bar Controller with a UITableView and a Navigation Controller in each tab.

Luckily I managed to find a video burried deep in a forum thread that explained the procedure. Click here to view it - the download link is located at post #68.

I can also recommend a great tutorial about populating an UITableView with a NSArray. The tutorial can be viewed here.

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NetNewsWire for iPod Touch/iPhone

Aug 20th, 2008


A while ago I changed from Google Reader to NetNewsWire for reading newsfeeds on my Mac. At first I was sceptical using a desktop client as previous attempts were not that succesfull. But after having used it for several months I must say it is an excellent piece of software. Especially the built-in browser, desktop integration and syncing of read items made it stand out from other news readers. The only serious lack in my opinion is a good web client.

Naturally I was excited when NetNewsWire was announced for iPhone/iPod Touch through the new App Store. I had been using the iPhone optimized website on my iPod Touch and was very happy with it.

I like the application too but it still lacks some features of the web client in the 1.0.8 version:

Hopefully some of these issues will be adressed in future versions. Then it would be a killer app for me.

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iPod fans 'shunning iTunes store'

Sep 17th, 2006

Just read the following article on BBC (via Slashdot):

Guess I fit pretty well in the group that irregularily buys track from iTunes. I still prefer to buy cd's and rip them to my iPod since it doesn't cost me much more and I get a product with a nice cover (mostly) I can put on the shelf. In this way I have something to show when our friends come over or a backup if the computer crashes. In iTunes there is no nice way to do this. Only the front cover is available and it's not quite the same to burn the album on a CD-R with a thin paper cover. I learned this last christmas when I bought Low's "Christmas" EP. Currently it is burned on a CD-R and floating around in pile of cd's on my shelf.

The iTunes Store is great for a few tracks where you don't want to go buy there entire album or special features with certain artists. But it needs to improve the physical aspect of bying things. I'm not into old vinyl but I just want something that resembles a product when I burn it and put it up for display in our livingroom.

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New "Archives" section added

Sep 16th, 2006

I just added a new "Archives" section to the right that allows you to browse my blog by category and month. It basically does the same as the links that was displayed in the right sidebar earlier but I think it works much better. I didn't invent this all by myself. Got inspired by a WordPress blog I was reading earlier today...

I did the PHP programming on my Mac using Eclipse and it was no problem. The biggest problem I've had with my Mac is the danish keyboard where some characters are near impossible to find and sometimes not even displayed on the keyboard. For example I had some trouble creating characters like "\\\" and "|" which I use a lot when programming. Here's a few shortcuts for my own reference in case I forget:

Otherwise I'm a happy Mac user. PC - work. Mac - home/fun.

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My Favorite Mac Applications

Aug 25th, 2006

I purchased an iMac last month and ever since I have been experimenting with it. Getting to know Mac OS X and the bundled applications as well as finding new exciting ones. I have compiled a list of my favorite Mac applications.

Any other good ideas? Please let me know...

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Gmail and iPod

Aug 31st, 2004

I am now the happy owner of a Gmail account maquatre (at) Thank you Bentor! Last friday I ordered an iPod. I can hardly wait :)


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