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We Have Won a Red Dot Design Award!

Dec 7th, 2007
November 30th 2007, at 7 PM, Center for Interactive Spaces received the "red dot: best of the best award" for the Wisdom Well (Vidensbrønden) design concept, in the red dot design museum, Singapore.

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Attended VIP-opening of the Mariko Mori Exhibition at ARoS

Oct 18th, 2007
Friday last week I attended the opening of the Mariko Mori exhibition Oneness at ARoS in Aarhus.

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IXP Prototypes Exhibited at Kattegatcenteret Again

Oct 6th, 2007
The IXP prototypes were tested wednesday to friday this week.

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Attended Two-day Workshop at ARoS

Aug 12th, 2007
Tuesday and Wednesday this week I attended a two-day workshop at ARoS about the upcoming exhibition with the japanese artist Mariko Mori.

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IXP Prototypes Exhibited at Kattegatcenteret

Aug 12th, 2007
In the first week of July 2007, we did the first full experimental set-up of the IXP prototype "Build a fish" at the Kattegatcenter in Grenaa.

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Wisdom Well Program Aired on BBC Digital Planet

Jun 20th, 2007

Yesterday the program about the Wisdom Well I spoke of recently was aired on BBC Digital Planet. It features Ole and I talking about the setup, challenges and future potentials of the well. At first I was a little bit sceptical about how it would come out but I think the program was well edited and gave a good grasp of what the project is about.

Listen to the program here. Our part starts at about 15-20 minuttes into the program.

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Back from ACE 2007

Jun 15th, 2007

This evening Kaj Grønbæk and I returned to Aarhus after having spent a few days at the ACE 2007 conference in Salzburg. All in all it has been a nice trip. Salzburg is a really beautiful city and it was hard not to notice Salzburg is the city Mozart comes from. There was Mozart pictures, chocolate and music playing out of windows and in airplanes. The weather was very good except from some rain wednesday evening.


The conference itself was well organized and presentations was done in the hall where Mozart performed his first opera. We were about 120 participants from all over the world. There was only one track at the conference which made it possible to listen to all speakers which was nice. Subjects were very varied e.g. "Mobile and Social Games", "Games in New Environments", "Tangible" and "Music". There was some interesting presentations but also some presentations that was hard to get excited about. I like it most when research has some meaningful real world applications. Some of the presentations was a little vague on that aspect.

Our presentation of the Wisdom Well went well and people seemed to like it. The main critique was (of course) the setup. Why do you have to dig a 3 meter deep hole into the ground? Sadly there are not obvious alternatives yet. Maybe new technology dealing with this will emerge in the future. At our presentation we showed a demo video. You can watch it here (wmv, 39.2 mb).

The conference hall

The social events was also well planned. Wednesday night we went on a beer tour to some local brewerys to drink some beers. We had a nice time taking to two guys from France and Austria respectively. Thursday we went a castle just outside of Salzburg that had some water games in the garden. Really fun and different entertainment. Basically the Baron who lived there had created all kinds of sprinkler systems built into statues and staircases which made it possible to surprise his guests when they least excepted it. Some scenes in the film "Sound of Music" was shot here. Guess I will have to watch it soon to see if I recognize something.

At the castle

But it is good to be home in Denmark again. I will be going to Aalborg tomorrow to hear Brian Wilson. Probably without Al Jardine it seems.

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Going to ACE 2007

Jun 11th, 2007
This week from tuesday to friday I will be attending the ACE2007 conference in Salzburg, Austria together with Kaj Grønbæk, presenting the Wisdom Well project.

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Presented the Wisdom Well at Møllevangsskolen

Jun 8th, 2007
Today I did a presentation of the Wisdom Wells at Møllevangsskolen in Aarhus to some guests from Germany, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic.

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Two Awards for Interactive Spaces

Jun 5th, 2007
Marianne Graves Petersen and Peter Krogh won awards for some of the project I have been involved in.

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