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Why Firefox is Blocked

Aug 25th, 2007

This is page bound to create some controversy: Why Firefox is Blocked.

The author of the site wants the Adblock Firefox extension to allow publishers to block users using the extension. I can understand publishers are feeling threatened because the users are blocking ads but it's the same problem when you record tv shows on your harddisk recorder. You just skip 5 minutes or go do something else. Nothing publishers can do about that. Forcing users to watch ads will probably not entice them into buying products.

I'm using Adblock on my computer but I do disable it on sites I feel displays ads of some value for me. Especially music and computer sites. There really should be an option to say "No ads, please" to internet publishers like you can in the analogue world by putting the following sticker on your mailbox.

Ingen reklamer tak

On a related note YouTube launched ads in videoes a few days ago. After few hours the first blocker was already available.

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Firefox 1.0 out now!

Nov 9th, 2004


Firefox 1.0 has finally been released. I have just downloaded it and can't wait to give it a spin. Go to and grab your copy. The danish translation will hopefully be available soon. To get a little more out of your Firefox I can recommend the following extensions from All-in-One Gestures, IE View, Adblock and Web Developer. A new feature in 1.0 is that the Firefox start page has been integrated with Google (maybe Gbrowser is not that far away?).

The Mozilla project with and Gnome are some of the most promising open source projects with an essential focus on the end users. It's nice to see that open source is finally going into mainstream.

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Firefox - danish translation

Aug 3rd, 2004

A danish translation of Firefox has finally been released. I have participated in this translation.

Firefox in danish

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Jul 7th, 2004

I just came across a wonderful extension for Firefox called StumbleUpon. It is a giant network where people can exchange and rate links, create groups and forums. I am very impressed. Go here:

My site is available here:

A few links I found using this extension:

I'll be back with more later...

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Thunderbird Attachment Tools 0.4.3

Jun 14th, 2004

Cool! It is finally possible to install an extension that can delete email attachments in Mozilla Thunderbird. Download Attachment Tools 0.4.3.

Thunderbird Attachment Tools

Main features:

While is does seem to work, it is incredibly slow and somehow the email text disappears when not deleting from inbox [rolleyes]

Update I did not write this extension.

Update Did you know that Thunderbird 1.1 alpha 1 supports deleting attachments (experimental)?

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