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Wisdom Well Program Aired on BBC Digital Planet

Jun 20th, 2007

Yesterday the program about the Wisdom Well I spoke of recently was aired on BBC Digital Planet. It features Ole and I talking about the setup, challenges and future potentials of the well. At first I was a little bit sceptical about how it would come out but I think the program was well edited and gave a good grasp of what the project is about.

Listen to the program here. Our part starts at about 15-20 minuttes into the program.

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Interviewed for BBC Digital World

Jun 2nd, 2007

Yesterday Ole Iversen and I was interviewed for the weekly BBC radio program Digital Planet about the Wisdom Wells project. I think it went well and I look forward to listen to the final outcome at some point. The journalist also interviewed people on other projects at Katrinebjerg so I don't know how big a part the Wisdom Wells project will be in the program.

In a couple of weeks I will be attending the ACE2007 conference in Salzburg, Austria together with Kaj Grønbæk presenting the paper "iGameFloor - a Platform for Co-Located Collaborative Games". There seems to be some quite interesting presentations so it will be interesting to attend. There will even be a presentation about social interaction in World of Warcraft which will be of personal interest for me since both Anne and I play the game.

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Knowledge Well Project in Politiken

Aug 23rd, 2006

Yesterday the danish newspaper Politiken came to see the work we have been doing in the Knowledge Well project at InteractiveSpaces. Today the article was published and it gives a brief overview of the things we are currently working on.

A few weeks ago we had a major technical breakthrough when we were able to track the location of the users feet from below. This gives us the opportunity to use the users feet as cursors in the applications running on the well. One of the advantages of this approach is the increased resolution of the tracking since we are using multiple webcams and that it is much more precise than tracking from above. Our quizgame called iFloorQuest has already been ported to the new tracking software and was able to handle 20 kids jumping around on the floor. This is quite an improvement compared to earlier versions.

Below you can watch three girls playing with an early prototype of a new concept called Stepstone. I will write more about it once it have been developed further.

Stepstone in action
Photo by Rasmus Baaner/Politiken.

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Knowledge Well demonstrated at Møllevangsskolen

May 4th, 2006

Today the first knowledge well at Møllevangsskolen in Aarhus was demonstrated. The setup is quite complex and hardware and software didn't work together before a few days prior to the event. We presented some known concepts like iFloor, iFloorQuest and HyCon but also new concepts called Stepstone and floorPuzzle as well as an floor-based Powerpoint presenter. TV2/Østjylland reported from the opening and again I was on TV. It seems like I have some kind of natural ability of getting in the local news. Also read articles from Århus Stifttidende, Computerworld and Jyllands Posten.


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Katrinebjerg on TV2/Østjylland

May 24th, 2004


It features some shot of the icom-Floor. Have a look at the program by clicking the link below:

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More articles

Apr 30th, 2004

New version of the Icom-Floor and more articles about it.

Testing the Icom-Floor at the library

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