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Nabto iOS App Available

Aug 28th, 2011

The app we helped Nabto develop is now available in the App Store for both iPhone and iPad.Check it out here:

Nabto 1 Nabto 2

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MediaKiosk Application Accepted In App Store

Feb 28th, 2010

Last week the iPhone application MediaKiosk I have been working on in cooperation with Raphael Dobers was finally accepted into the App Store. MediaKiosk is an application created for viewing video and audio podcasts on an iPod/iPhone for use in exhibitions or other public settings. It has already been used in a few exhibitions e.g. Bright Green.

Here is a quick runthrough of the application features:

And last but not least a few screenshots:


MediaKiosk Player

The website for the application can be found here: and the application can be downloaded here:

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Moblin 2.0 and Ubuntu NBR 9.10 on MSI Wind U100

Oct 4th, 2009

This week I have been playing with some of the latest interesting Linux releases on my MSI Wind U100 netbook: Moblin 2.0 and Ubuntu 9.10 Beta Netbook Remix. This post will try to sum up my experiences so far.

Moblin 2.0

I've been following the Moblin distribution for a while and have been watching several videos on YouTube of the system. I was especially interested in the new Netbook optimized interface and really wanted to see it in action. So I finally grabbed an image and installed it onto my MSI Wind.


Installation went smooth and I was quickly up and runing. The boot time was just amazing. It boots up elegantly without too much terminal output and quickly starts an X session and the interface slides in. The interface looks really slick and polished and it feels great to use. When I started playing around with it there were naturally some rough edges that needs more work.

Many of these things are of course to be expected at this early point. But it looks really promising so far.

Ubuntu 9.10 Beta NBR

After having played a bit with Moblin I discovered that Ubuntu had just released a new beta of 9.10 that featured an extensive redesign of the Netbook release. So I naturally had to try this out as well. I had some trouble downloading the image for some reason but in the end succeeded only to realise there was no USB stick image so I had to install using a cd.

The live cd booted fine and I could see my hardware was working fine except my camera so I decided to install the system. The installation program worked beatifully but at some point the installation procedure stalled at 83% creating users? After waiting a long time I decided to give it another go but installing outside the live environment and it worked a lot better though some of the installation screens didn't fit the screen resolution.

Ubuntu doesn't boot as fast as Moblin but it boots a lot faster than 9.04 on my netbook. The new login greeter has a face browser as the default taking a hint from Mac and Windows.

The redesigned Netbook Remix interface looks really great compared to the last release and has a lot more unified look. The icons, scroll bars and the way the background image is blended in from behind makes the system feel really polished. The status bar icons now have a more Mac-like skinning using gray colors and some nice default backgrounds are now available. All these improvements must come from the recently established design team. It is great to see improvements are starting to appear and it looks amazing so far - well done.

There are still a few weak spots in the interface though imho. It would be nice to have a better visual coherence between the window, the menu bar and the window title bar on the top. Perhaps it could look a bit like the tabs in Google Chrome.


The default theme for the NBR is now a dark brown variant of Human which looks fine but there are a few problems e.g. in the Firefox location bar where it is hard to read entries on the dark background.

All in all this seems to be a really good release with a lot of improvements. I'm especially fond of the UI and graphics changes made so far.


After having spent some time with both distributions the winner for me is clearly Ubuntu. Their interface just feels more polished and easy to use for me even though I really like some of the ideas behind the Moblin UI. And Moblin can't beat Ubuntu's large repository of software and configuration options yet.

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Snow Leopard Tips

Sep 2nd, 2009

I discovered some neat features in Snow Leopard that I want to share with you.

First is the possibility to use Exposé within the App Switcher described here. This tip makes it possible to select an application in the App Switcher and press the up or down key and activate Exposé for windows in the application. Nice to see that they made an alternative to clicking and holding the dock icon for the application for heavy keyboard users.

Another nice feature is the ability to minimize windows to the dock icon described here. Hiding using CMD+H works well to but there are times when you want to get a single windows out of the way. I often found myself using it in Minimized windows can be accessed by right clicking the application's dock icon or by activating Exposé which now shows minimized windows a small thumbnails at the bottom of the screen.

I just love finding all these small tweaks and improvements :)

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May 24th, 2009

It's been a while since this blog has been updated. Not that I can't think of any topics but it is mostly a matter of time. So I thought I could start twittering (micro-blogging) a bit about various topics such as coding, project status and more that interest me. Twitter seems like the obvious choice for these kind of updates. My Facebook status updates are a bit more general since I have friends from many different networks - co-workers, old classmates, non-programmer friends etc. On Twitter people can follow me if they find my updates interesting. In that way I can "geek out" about more technical stuff that may not be of interest for everyone :)

There are tons of Twitter applications out there. I have tried a few but have settled on the commercial application Tweetie that is both available for Mac and iPhone. It has an excellent feature set and fits in perfectly on both my desktop and phone.

Tweetie (Mac)

So keep an eye out for maquatre@twitter.

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Sep 11th, 2008

Today my secondary GMail account was hacked by some mean hackers to send spam mail to my contacts (luckily only eight of them since I only use it for redirecting to my primary email address). I must admit the password for that account was not that secure so I have now changed it to an autogenerated password.

It has gotten a lot easier to use autogenerated paswords since I started using the Mac application 1Password. They have a nice free iPod Touch/iPhone client too. A highly recommendable product if you have a Mac.

I found the ip address of the hackers through GMail's new "Activity Info" feature and the hackers seem to originate from Shanghai in China.


Shame on you people!

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NetNewsWire for iPod Touch/iPhone

Aug 20th, 2008


A while ago I changed from Google Reader to NetNewsWire for reading newsfeeds on my Mac. At first I was sceptical using a desktop client as previous attempts were not that succesfull. But after having used it for several months I must say it is an excellent piece of software. Especially the built-in browser, desktop integration and syncing of read items made it stand out from other news readers. The only serious lack in my opinion is a good web client.

Naturally I was excited when NetNewsWire was announced for iPhone/iPod Touch through the new App Store. I had been using the iPhone optimized website on my iPod Touch and was very happy with it.

I like the application too but it still lacks some features of the web client in the 1.0.8 version:

Hopefully some of these issues will be adressed in future versions. Then it would be a killer app for me.

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Syncing iTunes Libraries

Aug 5th, 2008

transferI have been searching for a nice way to keep my iTunes libraries in sync for a while now and I think I may have found the solution. It is called Syncopation developed by Sonzea and will cost you $24,95.

My setup consists of an iMac with a library stored on an Airdisk attached to my Airport Extreme Base Station and a MacBook Pro that only keeps part of the music. The problem is that I often buy or import new music on my laptop and want to sync it to the main library in some way. I have tried different software including TuneRanger now but Syncopation gets the job done.

You just need to install the software on the computers you want to sync and then the software will be able to perform a syncronization between the different libraries. In my case I need to do the sync on the iMac to add new tracks and metadata from the laptop. If I do it from the laptop the software wants to sync the entire library from my iMac.

It's nice to finally have found a solution to the problem.

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Zattoo and eMusic

Jun 16th, 2007

Here are a few link recommendations: eMusic and Zattoo.

eMusic is a subscription-based music service where you can download DRM-free mp3-tracks with lots of interesting artists from the smaller indie-labels. If you - like me - know a few bands out of the mainstream this is the service for you. I have already purchased albums with Blonde Redhead, Sufjan Stevens, Violent Femmes, The Mountain Goats, The Tindersticks and more. Lately Paul McCartney has been made available so maybe more larger artists will be added soon. I am currently subscribed to the "75-tracks-per-month" option which cost 20.99 £ per month.


Another link is for Zatto that I just discovered a few days ago. It seems really promising. It is a piece of free software enabling you to watch TV channels using P2P. There are clients for both Windows, Mac and Linux which is nice. It is always good with freedom of choice.

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My Favorite Mac Applications

Aug 25th, 2006

I purchased an iMac last month and ever since I have been experimenting with it. Getting to know Mac OS X and the bundled applications as well as finding new exciting ones. I have compiled a list of my favorite Mac applications.

Any other good ideas? Please let me know...

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