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New stereo

Jul 8th, 2004

Yesterday we purchased a new stereo at HIFI-klubben because my 11 year old Denon cd-player started acting strange. It is a DENON D-M31 receiver with cd-player so it is quite compact but sound really well.

Denon D-M31

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Jul 7th, 2004

I just came across a wonderful extension for Firefox called StumbleUpon. It is a giant network where people can exchange and rate links, create groups and forums. I am very impressed. Go here:

My site is available here:

A few links I found using this extension:

I'll be back with more later...

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Back from Berlin

Jul 7th, 2004

Late yesterday we returned from a well-earned five-day vacation in Berlin. We had a nice trip where we saw a lot of different places. It is a fine city with an entreaging history.

Kaspar in front of the Berliner Dom

Click 'Read more' for more pictures.

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Royal Visit

Jul 1st, 2004
His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary visited Center for Interactive Spaces and was shown an interactive floormap over Aarhus.

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Jun 30th, 2004

Mediafloor is finally taking shape after a hard days work. We have made a setup from the parts from the Science Fiction Quiz Floor that was taken down yesterday. Besides from a few errors and some missing content it is nearly finished which is good since I'm going to Berlin from friday to tuesday and really need to do some thesis work in july :)

Screenshot of the Mediafloor

The blog system I have developed for Interactive Spaces is also up and running. Besides from a few missing features it's actually quite useful.

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Jun 20th, 2004
Congratulations to Sune and Kenneth who has just finished their master in computer science. I hope to graduate in January next year if all goes well. I'm working hard to make it happen so no summer break this year (except for a trip to Berlin with Anne). :)

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Icom-Floor at the library again

Jun 14th, 2004
And it has actually been there for a week now :) It is a minor modification of Icom-Floor that is being used for a Sci-Fi quiz where you can win prizes by answering some questions by SMS or e-mail. I am currently doing a lot of different things at work. A weblog-system to be used in projects, an upgrade to the eBag infrastructure and preparing for the royal visit from Frederik and Mary on the 26th of july.

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Thunderbird Attachment Tools 0.4.3

Jun 14th, 2004

Cool! It is finally possible to install an extension that can delete email attachments in Mozilla Thunderbird. Download Attachment Tools 0.4.3.

Thunderbird Attachment Tools

Main features:

While is does seem to work, it is incredibly slow and somehow the email text disappears when not deleting from inbox [rolleyes]

Update I did not write this extension.

Update Did you know that Thunderbird 1.1 alpha 1 supports deleting attachments (experimental)?

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Interactive Spaces in the media

Jun 7th, 2004
An article about the iSchool project at ComON:

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Interactive Spaces party

Jun 3rd, 2004

We had a wonderful time yesterday with very nice food and about 16 different foreign beers.

At the party

For the next couple of days Anne and I will be going to Helligsølejren in Hurup with Anne's family.

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