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Why Firefox is Blocked

Aug 25th, 2007

This is page bound to create some controversy: Why Firefox is Blocked.

The author of the site wants the Adblock Firefox extension to allow publishers to block users using the extension. I can understand publishers are feeling threatened because the users are blocking ads but it's the same problem when you record tv shows on your harddisk recorder. You just skip 5 minutes or go do something else. Nothing publishers can do about that. Forcing users to watch ads will probably not entice them into buying products.

I'm using Adblock on my computer but I do disable it on sites I feel displays ads of some value for me. Especially music and computer sites. There really should be an option to say "No ads, please" to internet publishers like you can in the analogue world by putting the following sticker on your mailbox.

Ingen reklamer tak

On a related note YouTube launched ads in videoes a few days ago. After few hours the first blocker was already available.

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Waste of Ammo Website Launched

Aug 12th, 2007
Website for the new record label Waste of Ammo launched.

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Attended Two-day Workshop at ARoS

Aug 12th, 2007
Tuesday and Wednesday this week I attended a two-day workshop at ARoS about the upcoming exhibition with the japanese artist Mariko Mori.

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IXP Prototypes Exhibited at Kattegatcenteret

Aug 12th, 2007
In the first week of July 2007, we did the first full experimental set-up of the IXP prototype "Build a fish" at the Kattegatcenter in Grenaa.

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Aug 1st, 2007

My good friend and colleague Mads pointed me to this website where it is possible to test how mainstream your music taste is. The website uses your username and generates in percent how mainstream you are.

Turns out I'm 25.06% mainstream based on these stats with artist name and degree of mainstreamness (in percentage):

  1. The Boo Radleys - 3.34 %
  2. The Beach Boys - 43.88 %
  3. Brendan Benson - 5.92 %
  4. Pavement - 28.21 %
  5. New Order - 39.49 %
  6. Interpol - 58.56 %
  7. Morrissey - 27.90 %
  8. Bravecaptain - 0.18 %
  9. Dennis Wilson - 0.26 %
  10. Johnny Cash - 57.06 %
  11. Nick Drake - 35.24 %
  12. The Mountain Goats - 15.09 %
  13. Grandaddy - 19.04 %
  14. Sufjan Stevens - 47.46 %
  15. Blonde Redhead - 18.64 %
And in a graphical representation:


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