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Introduction to Flash Course

Sep 17th, 2006

I will be teaching for a few days next week and two days in the following weeks at the School of Architecture in Aarhus. The course will be about Flash and will include a general introduction to the Flash interface, animation and ActionScript. The main goal of the course is to enable the participants to use input devices like mouse, keyboard, Griffin wheel and webcam as input to Flash applications and hopefully be given some tools to use Flash for interactivity in a physical installations.

The course page is located at the following address:

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iPod fans 'shunning iTunes store'

Sep 17th, 2006

Just read the following article on BBC (via Slashdot):

Guess I fit pretty well in the group that irregularily buys track from iTunes. I still prefer to buy cd's and rip them to my iPod since it doesn't cost me much more and I get a product with a nice cover (mostly) I can put on the shelf. In this way I have something to show when our friends come over or a backup if the computer crashes. In iTunes there is no nice way to do this. Only the front cover is available and it's not quite the same to burn the album on a CD-R with a thin paper cover. I learned this last christmas when I bought Low's "Christmas" EP. Currently it is burned on a CD-R and floating around in pile of cd's on my shelf.

The iTunes Store is great for a few tracks where you don't want to go buy there entire album or special features with certain artists. But it needs to improve the physical aspect of bying things. I'm not into old vinyl but I just want something that resembles a product when I burn it and put it up for display in our livingroom.

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Stepstone is shaping up

Sep 16th, 2006

The last couple of months I have been working on an implementation of Stepstone in the Knowledge Wells project. Things are really starting to shape up now and I'm quite excited about the application. The main application is coded in C# which I have gotten to know quite well in the process. It connects to a MySQL database via a third party driver called MySQLDriverCS. The applications like Stepstone, iFloorQuest, a presenter tool and floor Pong is written in Flash and communicates with C#/database via the Flash 8 ExternalInterface technology. Hopefully I will get the time to write a few words about how to embed Flash movies in C#. It hasn't been entirely trival...

Stepstone is a four player game. The game is about answering different questions by stepping on the stones on the floor. Multiple selections can be made using feets and hands and when time is up a collective point score will be displayed. The questions could be about all kinds of subjects like language, math, geography etc. New games can easily be added by teachers and students via the built-in administrator interface. I will write more about the gameplay on the project page when I get the time.

Stepstone in action

Now I'm just looking forward to get it tested in real life with a bunch of kids at the school.

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New "Archives" section added

Sep 16th, 2006

I just added a new "Archives" section to the right that allows you to browse my blog by category and month. It basically does the same as the links that was displayed in the right sidebar earlier but I think it works much better. I didn't invent this all by myself. Got inspired by a WordPress blog I was reading earlier today...

I did the PHP programming on my Mac using Eclipse and it was no problem. The biggest problem I've had with my Mac is the danish keyboard where some characters are near impossible to find and sometimes not even displayed on the keyboard. For example I had some trouble creating characters like "\\\" and "|" which I use a lot when programming. Here's a few shortcuts for my own reference in case I forget:

Otherwise I'm a happy Mac user. PC - work. Mac - home/fun.

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Introduction to Flash

Sep 15th, 2006
Gave four lectures with exercises about Flash to a group of students at the Aarhus School of Architecture.

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