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The Hybrid Library

The vision of The Hybrid Library Project was to create aesthetic and engaging Augmented Reality environments and spaces in the library of the future. Hereby changing the library of today into a physical interactive portal of knowledge – an experimental space for interaction with information. In combination the functional and perceived picture of these new environments should both grant access to information search and guidance and offer the users alternative possibilities for public cultural production and debate.

I started working on this project after the first eBag concepts had been presented in early 2004 until the project ended in May 2004.


iFloor prototype

I mainly worked on the implementation of an interactive floor we chose to call iFloor (Icom-Floor in the beginning).

The purpose of iFloor was to encourage communication between the users of the library. The interactive floor facilitates users in posing questions and answers either through mobile text messaging or by means of an e-mail client. The questions and answers are registered by a server and displayed on the floor. Each question is marked with an ID reference number that is used when responding to the specific question. In case of someone answering a question the answer will both be displayed on the floor as well as it will be send to the person originally posing the question.

As the floor only provides one cursor to navigate between the questions and answers the users are required to negotiate the navigation.

The system consists of a remote server based on PHP and MySQL with a webinterface for handling and administering questions and answers and a projector mounted on the ceiling connected to a local computer for the display on the floor. The floor works on the basis of a video tracking system called Retina observing the rim of the interface by means of a webcam mounted on the ceiling. The recordings of people’s position and movement are translated into magnetic forces attracting the cursor.

iFloor won a danish design award in October 2004 and has been nominated for other prizes as well. A limited trial version of the interface running in a browser can be found here.


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